1. Elena

From the recording Resurgence

Elena: The heaviest song on the album??? (Sorry "so heavy"...:/) This song was inspired by the Chernobyl disaster and the dangers of nuclear energy. Begins with the best riff I think we've ever written. Its like 8/8 into 9/8 I think, not too sure. I can play it, I don't count it. So big riff followed by our signature lead guitar verses, big riff, guitar verses and then....a break! With a Chernobyl sample and Giger counter noises, so you know what the song is about. It builds to a climax and then.....silence......and then..........BOOOOOOOOM! Doom doom doom doom doom. haha. I always think of an nuclear explosion happening at that part. Anyway big riff is back and what we do now is slowy strip the riff down to its most basic elements. Big booms essentially. Then feed back to end because that's how every great doom song should end.