1. Tamam Shud

From the recording 2


How can there be an end of that without origin?
A death with no preceding life...

Emerging from the sea
Primordial mystery
A thing as great as we
Burns with light within
Therefore we have no need
For your corrupted creed
And now we shall be freed
Of notion of sin

On high where I now sit
Kind of heart and sharp of wit
You wallow in your shit
And turn from what I say
I know that you are wrong
And that before too long
The former weak made strong
Will wipe your ancient faith away.

None can hope to surpass
He in the looking glass
His soldiers march en masse
To raze the spirit to the ground
Over ages past
An obscure shroud is cast
Apex iconoclast
And no more traces will be found

Hammer, sword and pen
To shape the minds of men
I tell myself again,
"There's none as powerful as I"
Supremacy of sense
And mortal arrogance
The cost will be immense
I sold my soul to watch us die

It's gone, erased, from all of time.
For I have lost my vulgar state of mind.

Through time will my hand go reaching...

And so we come to the end of that with annulled origin.
Erasure of preceding life.